Workout Continuing…

I haven’t done my workout in about two weeks now. Everything has been on hold since the arrival of my new baby girl. I had to be there to support my wife through this treasured time of our life. She had to deliver our baby by c-section, and need me the most during the past month. I will be starting back on my routine starting this Thursday, First doing some basic exercises tonight, then doing a warm up routine on Wednesday to get me prepared for my P-90x workout, which I will officially start on Thursday. It’s a very intense workout and I don’t want to start back up without preparing my body. I want to maximize my results. I only got a chance to do two workout routines before my wife had our baby unexpectedly. I have to say that starting off is the hardest part of it all, then you have to make it through the first week with a lot of muscle pain. Once you survive all of that then you just have to complete the rest of the P-90x routines.

I am actually anxious to start back and pick up where I left off, just thinking about it now is getting me amped up. I commend everyone who has completed the P-90x workout, because I know it’s not easy. I think for me I will have to be completely focused and committed to the next 90 days of intense working out. Well wish me luck and I will see you on the next update.


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