First Day of Day Light Savings

Last night at 2 A.M.(more like this morning) the time was pushed ahead one hour. It’s the time of the year that we enjoy longer days, and warmer weather. While I knew it was coming and was anticipating it all week, it still caught me off guard. Only because I was not prepared to welcome it like I had hoped.  Continue reading


End of Winter

Finally, winter is coming to an end and we can finally put down our winter coats and pick up a sweater. Well at least that’s how the weather feels here in Georgia, I’m not sure how it is other parts of the country. Continue reading

Thanksgiving in 2014

Today is Sunday, October 12, it’s the day before Columbus Day. It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, and everyone in here celebrate it today instead of tomorrow. Even though Thanksgiving Day is officially tomorrow. There’s so much food cooked and so many people here to eat. I’m celebrating with my wife’s family and our new born daughter.  Continue reading

September 11, 2001: 13 Years Later

Today marks 13 years later since the infamous 9-11 went down. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news, or what you were doing when it happened. Some people were front and center, going through the horrific event. There were mass media coverage everywhere. This was something significant that changed the course of history, it will be a page in the history books.  Continue reading

P90X: Day 20 (Kenpo)

It’s Kenpo time! These exercises are always a good work out, a lot of movement and a lot of breathing. I try to go the whole 40 minutes nut I’m not scared to take a break if I need to. I really don’t think that there’s a need to warm-up fro today’s workout. Just do a few basic stretches and you will be good to go. Continue reading

P90X: Day 19 (Legs, Back, Abs)

I’m on day 19 of my work-out series, only 71 more days to go.

Resting Heart Rate:

56 beats per minute.


I followed Tony’s Lower Body Work-Out video:

  1. Mountain Squats – 25 lbs, 6 reps each side

  2. Plyo lounges – 40 reps

  3. Globe Squats – 60 sec.

  4. Warrior 2 & Half Moon – 7 each side

  5. 180 Fighter Squats – 30 reach side

  6. Pistol Prep – 5 each side


For today’s work-out I went with Tony’s Accelerated Leg Work-Out:

  1. DS Double L – 7 reps each side

  2. Warrior 3 Squats – 5 each leg

  3. Sumo Squats Kicks – 30 reps

  4. Moon Dog – 30 sec each side

  5. Plyometric Lounges – 50 reps


And for some more legs I did Tony’s No Gravity Work-Out:

  1. Warrior Squat Moon – 30 sec each side

  2. Elevator Push-Ups – 1 min

  3. Warrior Squats – 30 sec each side

  4. Bird Dog Push-Ups – 1 min

  5. Hell’s Chair – 30 sec each side


For back I am doing Ton’y Accelerated Back:

  1. Vaulter Pull-Ups – 15 reps each side

  2. Lawnmowers – 15 reps each side

  3. Chin Pulls – 15 reps

  4. Rocket Launcher Row – 30 lbs, 15 reps

  5. W Pull-Ups – 15 reps



I am so burnt out right now, I will do some more back work-out on Sunday my rest day. I am pushing it this week, I want to get results. Keep you form to prevent injury, don’t want to be out of commission just yet. You will be out of breath, bring plenty of water. See you tomorrow!