This week’s writing challenge My Dear Watson, is about Our Side-Kicks in Life.

My Partner in Crime, My Partner in Life!

It seemed so long ago since I first came across your beautiful smile. We went throughout so much in life that time seems to be speeding up. From the first night we met in the Velvet Room back in 2009 we were two magnets. We were made for each other because after that day we were inseparable. I remember following you after the club, jumping in the back seat of the car with you and your girls, while throwing my car keys to my friend to drive my car home.

This was when we first met.

This was when we first met.

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Today’s Daily Prompt is about BREAKING THE ICE,

It ask us to write about a topic; social, political, cultural, or other that we believe in. Well that’s something to really think about. I have thought long about providing a loving environment for every single child that’s growing up, from new-born to 18 years old. I am a big dreamer and I have faith in man. The reason is because kids need love and when they are brought up with love they have a better chance of passing that love on. That would be helpful to mankind because it would reduce crimes, it would reduce racism, it would reduce hatred. Not only that it would increase the love in all mankind. Continue reading


Unscanned Laughter;

I love to laugh! At times I find myself laughing at something and no one else around me is laughing. I’ve tried telling a few jokes but I’m not that good at it, every once in a while I will get a good one out. My wife sometimes gets annoyed at me when I laugh out of control, she just don’t get it. Continue reading


Today we are talking about reading! If I took a look at my book-case (which I don’t have), which book would I reread if I had enough time. I have a digital library with a few books (iBook on iPhone), and if they were OFF THE SHELF I would like to reread, Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. I haven’t sat down and taken the time to read a lot of books, but I will take time out for a good book.  Continue reading


What would it mean to have 10,000 spoons and no knife, especially when you need it the most. To understand that concept you have to know what it’s talking about, and in this case the subject is irony. When you hear someone say “Isn’t that ironic?”, what do they mean. Irony is when something is incognito, it’s when you have a situation where the expectation is one thing but the outcome is not what it should be.  Continue reading