All About Royal

In less than a week I will become a father. My highly anticipated daughter Royal Greene will be born. I can only sit in anticipation wondering so many things and asking so many questions not capable of answering. Like “Will the pregnancy go ok, will Kaylah (her mother) be ok, how beautiful will she come out, who will she favor, will she be healthy? Finding some questions easy to bear and not feeling too excited about others. None the less, Kay and I are very excited to becoming very good parents. With all the kids that we take care of to this very moment and all the experience we have caring for nieces and nephews, we both feel like we’re more than ready for what lies ahead.

We have our hospital bag packed, for the most part, and only need to grab one or two things. Kay’s mom booked the week following Royal’s birth off so we are happy that we will have some great help from her. Preparation is all that we’ve been doing for a few weeks now, and some how it still feels like we are not prepared. How does that happen, I’ve heard it from several parents, and yet I didn’t fully realize how true it is until now that I’m experiencing it. It’s been tough on Kay, especially her sleep and her eating habits. I will admit that this pregnancy haven’t been easy for her. Lots of sleepless nights for both of us, but I touched it out and try to be there for her as much as I could. I’ve giving her a foot and back massage as often as I could. And anything else that I could to ease her stress.

There’s a lot of things that’s unknown to me right now about the future, but the one thing I am sure of is that Royal will be someone great. Kaylah and I will raise her to be a lady, to be respectful, to be caring, and she will be smart girl who’s able to get herself in and out of any situation.

I’m starting a new blog section dedicated to her only, so all the updated about her will be posted here. Stay tune…


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