First Day of Day Light Savings

Last night at 2 A.M.(more like this morning) the time was pushed ahead one hour. It’s the time of the year that we enjoy longer days, and warmer weather. While I knew it was coming and was anticipating it all week, it still caught me off guard. Only because I was not prepared to welcome it like I had hoped. 

I worked hours earlier and was out on the road running a few errands, so when I got home it completely slipped my mind. I was sitting at my computer editing some of my images, which is how I spend most of my evenings. My wife asked me the time and when I looked at the clock the time was 2:01 A.M. which is what I told her. A few moments passed and I looked at the clock again, to my surprise the time was 3:11 A.M., I thought to myself “Wow an hour went by so quick?’ My life then informed me that the time was changed because of daylight savings. i then realized that I was not as prepared as I thought I was for daylight savings and as a result I went to bed so late that I overslept this morning. I was only able to wake up an hour before my shift at 3 P.M.

I didn’t mind sleeping in because it was well deserved, I’ve been up late for a few weeks trying to catch up on my projects. Everything happened in the right order that it was supposed to, I’m all caught up with my projects and I go to sleep in all on the same day. Now all I have to do is enjoy the daylight and capture some more beautiful images of Atlanta, Georgia, I love this place!


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