Thanksgiving in 2014

Today is Sunday, October 12, it’s the day before Columbus Day. It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, and everyone in here celebrate it today instead of tomorrow. Even though Thanksgiving Day is officially tomorrow. There’s so much food cooked and so many people here to eat. I’m celebrating with my wife’s family and our new born daughter. 

All the cooking is taking care of by Kay’s mom and step-father, who began preparing everything last night. They season the turkey with all kind of spices, I’m not sure what was on it but it smelled very good. They stayed up all night long cutting veggies and prepping different meats. And they don’t really mind doing all the work because they are used to cooking a lot of food every weekend.

My wife Kay, her brother Kevin, and I were sitting in the living room watching TV talking about what we can’t wait to dig into and eat tomorrow. Everyone always throw morals out the window and fall into the trap of pigging out on Thanksgiving. I even find myself eating way more than I would eat on any normal day. All of a sudden I want to taste and eat everything, or at least try some of it. But Kay’s mom cook so good, she makes you want to try everything.

It’s about 7:30 P.M. and everyone is ready to eat, but the only problem is that Kay’s mom has to go to her evening job. She is a home health provider and she goes to different clients home in the evenings. She was offered the spot and accepted it without realizing the day that it fell on. So now she cooked all the food for this day of eating as a family and being together as a family, but is unable to enjoy it. Everyone was pretty bummed about that. We we hungry and had to eat without her.

So after saying a prayer over our dinner and giving thanks for a day that has been remembered and celebrated  for centuries, Kay’s step-sister Devia shared out mom’s famous corn soup as appetizer. Everyone finished is so fast and was looking for seconds because ti was so good. She made it very spicy and even though I don’t eat spicy food, I found my self eating the entire bowl of soup. I was eating it and crying at the same time but couldn’t stop myself. The taste was taking over! Afterwards the rest of the food was shared out and not one person had leftovers, everyone ate everything on their plate. We had a big juicy turkey, which Kevin, Kay’s brother who is a chef, carved it up beautifully. I had to take my camera  out an capture an image. I was the photographer for the event as well, but I didn’t mind because I wanted those memories anyways. There also fried fish, curry chicken, cole slaw, veggies, ox tale, rice and beans, and so much more food.

People just kept coming in all night long, people that we’ve never met as well. Some were family and some were just friends and acquaintances. Even though is was loud throughout the whole night, my daughter Royal was sleeping through most of it. She sleeps better what its a noisy environment for some reason. I think she will be very social when she gets older. After eating I was taking pictures the other half of the night. I was taking picture of everyone that wanted one. A lot of them came out nice. Especially the ones of the little kids that was here, cute kids.

I will take some time out and edit the picture that came out good. Kay got the email addresses of everyone I photographed and we told them that we will edit and email some pictures to them. And if they are interested we could do some work for them. Cordel, Chaves, Chevy, Andrew those are some of the guys that was there drinking and I was taking pictures of them throughout the night. At one point, everyone was asking for the bottle of liquor that Fitz brought down from his room to the dinner. Everyone was drinking it and it seems to be out now. But Fitz and Trevor was sitting at the dinner table looking too calm about the whole situation and acted as if the liquor was all gone. My instinct told me that Fitz know where it is but just hid it because he didnt want all of his liquor to be gone.

At the end when everyone was ready to go Renea, Kay’s niece, popped some popcorn and but it in a popcorn bowl for the other little kids to eat. All I know was that every little child there had their had in the bowl grabbing popcorn and shoving it in their mouth as fast as they can. And as soon as it was out they would cry for more. They ate popcorn until there was no more popcorn.

This day turned out to be a great day, one that I will remember for a long time to come and I have lots of pictures to go along with it.


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