P90X: Day 17 (Shoulders, Arms, Abs)

I am feel a little burnt out right now but I know that I have to keep going, only 83 more days to go. This reminds me of when I was in the military, during our training exercises we would get so burnt out but the instructors didn’t care about that they still pushed us to keep going, to keep moving. That’s one good thing that I got from the military, among others of course. 

So here I am back to Shoulders, and Arms. It’s gonna be tough but I have to make it to the end. Now let’s get started.

Resting heart rate:

55 beats per minute.


For todays warm up I’m going to keep it short and simple. I just want to get my heart rate pumping. I am doing some various jump moves to start. Them I finish off with some arm, shoulder, and back stretches. Then I take a two minute break before starting my work-out.


I will start with Tony’s Brothers in Arms video:

  1. Swimmer’s Press – 25 lbs, 12 reps

  2. Front/ Side Lateral Raise – 10 lbs, 14 reps

  3. Diamond Push-Ups – 25 reps

  4. Twenty Ones – 10 lbs first 14 reps, 25 lbs last 7 reps

  5. Reverse Grip Kickbacks – 10 lbs, 18 reps

  6. Popeye Hammer Curls – 25 lbs, 12 reps

  7. Bicep Curls – 25 lbs, 8 reps

Next, Ton’y Shredded Upper body:

  1. Push-Up Bird Dog Crunch – 12 reps

  2. Glammer Hammer –  25 lbs, 10 reps

  3. Tricept Skyfers – 7 reps each leg

  4. X Plyo Push-Ups – 16 reps

  5. Rocket Launcher Kickbacks – 12 reps

  6. Monkey Poppers – 10 reps


Try to do two more reps of every exercise, this week is all about going the extra mile. Keep your form to prevent injury, don’t want to be out of commission so early in the 90 days.


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