P-90X: Day 12

Day 12 is all about Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X. It will be intense so hopefully I am able to complete my work-out all the way to the last exercise. I am prepping myself for next week because week three I will push hard. I want to see results fast. I will do my measurements again next week as well. I haven’t taking them since the first day. 

Resting Heart Rate:

56 beats per minute.


  1. Sumo Squats – 1 min

  2. Bird Dog Upsh-up crunch

  3. Long jump sprint

  4. X-plyo push up

  5. Dolphin hop

  6. Cross Reach

  7. Lunge thrust press

  8. Uppercut/ kick/ punch combo

  9. Rocket launcher kickbacks

  10. Brannon Boat


For Legs I followed – Tony Horton’s Leg Workout;

  1. DS Double L – 10 reps

  2. Warrior 3 Squats – 10 reps each leg

  3. Sumo Squats Kick – 30 reps

  4. Moon Dog – 30 sec each leg

  5. Alternating Jump Squats – 35 reps

For Back I followed – Tony’s Accelerated Leg Workout;

  1.  Vaulter Pull-Ups – 10 reps each arm

  2. Lawnmowers – 35 lbs, 12 reps each

  3. Chin Pulls – 15 reps

  4.  Rocket Launcher Rows – 30 lbs, 12 reps each

  5. W Pull-Ups – 12 reps

For Abs I took it a little easy;

  1. Bicycles – 50 reps

  2. Side Plank – 30 sec each side

  3. Alternating Leg Crunch – 26 reps


Stay motivated, the week is almost over. Hydrate, keep your form, and push it to the max.


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