P-90X: Day 11

It’s time for some Yoga! I’m still new at yoga so I will use videos that I find on youtube for guidance. It is a very realizing form of exercise and I plan on using it along with meditation to relieve my stress in the near future. I just have to master it as soon as possible, which I’m sure won’t be hard. When I commit to something I go in pretty hard. It’s interesting how things in my life are starting to work in my favor since I started this workout routine, it is creating balance in my life. Sometimes it’s just what we need. 

Resting Heart Rate:

58 beats per minute

Yoga Exercise:

I just found out about a 30 day yoga challenge and since it’s incorporated in my P-90x work-out routine, I will complete this challenge. Let’s get started with day 1, I followed this video;

I don’t know that names of a lot of the moves, you can just follow the youtube video and start your own 30 day challenge, this is day one.


I like yoga because it stretches all the muscles and parts of your body that you don’t normally stretch. Work on your breathing exercise to help you through these exercises. The one good thing about yoga is that it gets easier the more exposed you are to it, as with anything in life.


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