Prepping For Royal’s Arrival Shower; Part 1

We are having a arrival baby shower for baby Royal this Sunday. It’s going to be a nice intimate gathering of family and close friends only. I know that a lot of people have been waiting to see our beautiful daughter, since she’s been born she’s been the talk of our families, Kaylah’s and mines. We are so happy to be blessed with her birth and we will be celebrating it. 

My brother from Chicago is flying my grandmother ion NYC and my mother in New Mexico to where he is in Chicago to take a road trip here in Brampton for the big day. Another family friend from NYC who’s now living in Floriday will be coming up with them on the road trip as well. We are all very excited to see them. It’s the first time that Kaylah’s mother will be meeting my mother and grandmother, or anyone else in my family for that. So my brother will be meeting Kay’s mom for the first time as well, thought he knows Kay very well. We lived in Georgia with him and his wife for a short while. 

Nadia, Kaylah’s cousin, has been doing the planning with Kaylah, She is doing most of the work but we told her that we will take care of the decorations, while Kay’s mom will be catering for the whole event. I’m not sure all that will be on the menu but I do know there will be BBQ chicken, Jerk chicken, and Roti, all my favorites. And since my grandmother is going to be there I know that the only thing she will probably eat is the roti because she is very traditional, maybe a little of the BBQ chicken as well. There will be a cupcake stand with some very colorful cupcakes on it. Kay and I ordered her cake from Fortino’s Grocery Store, and we are putting a picture of her in her famous yellow mermaid outfit.

Sine the cake will be mostly pink and yellow, we decided to go with that color theme. Then we are going to put flowers everywhere, because she is our flower princess.  And of course Royal will be wearing her custom flower crown made by her mother and I. 

We still have to put everything together to see the final results, plus there’s a few more things that we still have to decide on.So this is just the beginning, there’s lots more to come. I will give an update the day before her party and another one on the day of, so stay tuned everyone.



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