P-90X: Day 9

We are focusing today again on Plyometrics. If you forgot plyometrics is design to help you jump higher and run faster. It’s a lot of sweating and breathing, so please remember to have your water close by.

Resting Heart Rate:

56 beats per minute.


For today’s warm=up I followed a youtube video. Feel free to take a break whenever you need it, but try to keep a continuous flow.



Choose and of these work-outs from bodybuilding.com;

  1. Bench Jump – 12

  2. Bench Sprint – 24

  3. Carioca Quick Step – 1 min

  4. Chest Push – 15 reps

  5. Depth Jump Leap – 10 reps

  6. Double Leg Butt Kicks – 15 reps

  7. Knee Tuck Jump – 15 reps



This is a lot of jumping and moving, make sure you stretch your body properly, before and after these drills. have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to hydrate!



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