This week’s writing challenge My Dear Watson, is about Our Side-Kicks in Life.

My Partner in Crime, My Partner in Life!

It seemed so long ago since I first came across your beautiful smile. We went throughout so much in life that time seems to be speeding up. From the first night we met in the Velvet Room back in 2009 we were two magnets. We were made for each other because after that day we were inseparable. I remember following you after the club, jumping in the back seat of the car with you and your girls, while throwing my car keys to my friend to drive my car home.

This was when we first met.

This was when we first met.

I was so crazy for you, and even though you didn’t show it, I had a feeling that you were crazy for me also. Your friends might have cause you to conceal your emotions towards me, I know that girls always have to get approval from their “girl-friends”. I was not scared to show that I was feeling you, and I want to show everyone that I was.

Now almost 6 years later and I’m still crazy for you, we’re crazy for each other.

You have done so much to help me grow and I have helped you to grow as well. Because of you I now have the strength to speak my mind, I am able to let my feeling out. My confidence have grown, I feel more in control of my life. You always get me about speaking up and tell you how I feel or what I’m thinking. Before I met you I was a different person, I was very reserved. I wasn’t confident enough to speak, I was afraid of what others thought about my accent. I was afraid of how others might feel if I told them how I really felt, I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings as well. A lot of times you had to be my mouth piece, because you were better at explaining things.


Kay and I in NYC

Kay and I in NYC

As I stand here today, I can say that I am not that same man you met almost 6 years ago.

We complete each other, I am good at cooking and you’re not so good at it. I am bad communication and explaining things, while you’re excellent at breaking down things to where anyone can understand. I guess a lot of times I assume that things in life are general knowledge and I also assume that everyone should know those things. It’s a part of who I am, my brother is like that and I’m sure that my father was like that as well.

You’ve shown me how to be strong in times that my emotions get ing the was. God knows that I’m not the easiest to deal with when I get sensitive. What can I say, I’m a Pieces! I have also shown you how to trust and to open up to people, in a different way that you’ve shown me how to open up to people. I showed that not there are nice people out in the world and that God made this WORLD for all mankind and creature to live in harmony.

Kay and I when she 1st got pregnant.

Kay and I when she 1st got pregnant.

Now we have a beautiful baby girl and need each other more than ever.

Since the birth of Royal in July, and throughout your pregnancy, we realize how much we have to be at one another side. We have to be in a partnership, think in-sync and step up when the other shows a temporary weakness. I am there for all the cleaning, which isn’t you forte, and you are there for the feeding. We both share with the diaper changing and the fresh baths. Even though you hold it down a little more than me, I applaud you for waking up in the night to feel and sooth our baby. We believe in the universal power of love, and we both believe that One Love will save this Earth.



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