P-90X: DAY 7

I made it to day seven, I’m over the first hump. I believe that you you’ve made it past the first week everything is down hill from there. Even though the work-out gets harder, I feel like the worst part is out the way. After this you’re just building on what you’ve been doing thus far. Focus on the next week ahead and don’t let the pain that your body is feeling slow you down.

Today can be a rest day or a stretch day and I will be stretching because my muscles feel so tense. There’s nothing like some good stretching to ease the tension from your body.


Resting Heart Rate:

54 beats per minute.


  1. Standing Forward Bend – 30 second

(Keep your knees straight, try touching your toes.)

  1. Straight Leg Lounge – 30 sec each leg

(Stretches your back and hamstring)

  1. Downward Facing Dog – 1 min

(Stretches the whole body)

  1. Cat Cow Stretch – 10 reps

(Works out the spine)

  1. Lounges – 30 second each leg

(Stretches your Hips and Hamstring)

  1. Pigeon Pose – 30 sec each side

  2. Prone Press Ups – 10 reps

(Works out lower back)

  1. Single Knee to Chest – 7 reps each leg

  2. Knee Rolls – 10 reps

  3. Butterfly – 1 min



I always stress that you stretch before and after every work-outs, because it prevents injuries. Stretch as much as you can, there’s no such thing as stretching too much stretching. Congrats on completing your first week.


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