P-90x: Day 5 – Part 2

I just got home and will take this time out to complete the other half of my workout. I am focusing on my BACK. Even though my shoulders and arms are sore right now I have to stay motivated, and I’ve been staying strong and reminding myself that I have to make it to day 90. This is the time when all your muscles will be hurting and sore, this will last for about 2 weeks. 

I am using my last ounce of energy and going hart to finish this work-out routing done tonight. I know that I didn’t complete all at once this morning but I was limited on time. Now let’s get started.


For back I am doing:

  1. Laying Superman – 1 min

  2. Inverted Bodyweight Rolls – 20 reps

  3. Pull-Ups – 25 reps

  4. Bent-Over One Arm Dumbell Rolls – 30 lbs, 20 reps each

  5.  Dead Lifts – 15


I finished off my later work-out with a 1 minute jumping jack. Keep going and stay motivated, see you tomorrow.


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