P-90x: DAY 2

Today is day 2 of my P-90x workout routine, I still have a lot of motivation and energy going into the second day of my 90 day workout. Today is all about PLYOMETRICS, which is your ability to run, jump, or throw as well. These workouts target specific areas as a whole, such as the shoulders, the thighs muscle, and the calf muscle. So I will dive in right now and begin my warm-up. 

I’m not going to measure my body again until the next two weeks. I don’t think that my chest has bulked up since yesterday.



Resting Heart Rate:

60 beats per minute.

Warm Up:

For today’s warm up I am doing a routine from Pop Sugar Fitness:

1: Push-Up Side Arm Balance – 18 (For 1 min)

2: Freeze Sprint (For 1 min)

3: Crunchy Frog – 20

4: Super Skater – 30 sec each leg

5: Plank-Sphinx Combo – 1 min

6: Hook Uppercut – 1 min

7: Side Arm Crunch – 10 on each side

8: Spin Squat – 35

9: Super Burpee – 5

10: Flying Elbows – 15 each side


Work Out:

For my plyometric workout followed the work out exercises from bodybuilding.com

1: Alternate Leg Alternate Bound –  24

(With this exercise the goal is to jump as far as possible one leg at a time, try to use a line one the ground for measuring your distance.)

2: Backward Medicine Ball Throw – 15

(I didn’t have a medicine ball so I improvised)

3: Bench Jump – 10

(Proper form is really important with this exercise)

4: Bench Sprint – 30

(Try to maintain a good pace and watch out for the landing)

5: Box Jump – 20
6: Double Leg Butt Kicks – 20

(Only one more exercise to go after this)

7: Jump squats to finish – 20



Don’t forget to have water on standby for hydration. Remember that breathing and how you control your breathing will help you with each exercise. When doing Crunchy Frog try not to grab your knees. Try to maintain proper form when doing all your exercises. For the spin squats you can jump high in the air (if you can), or you can jump normal, but remember to go at your own pace. Stay motivated and tell your self that you will not stop until day 90.


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