Today’s Daily Prompt is about BREAKING THE ICE,

It ask us to write about a topic; social, political, cultural, or other that we believe in. Well that’s something to really think about. I have thought long about providing a loving environment for every single child that’s growing up, from new-born to 18 years old. I am a big dreamer and I have faith in man. The reason is because kids need love and when they are brought up with love they have a better chance of passing that love on. That would be helpful to mankind because it would reduce crimes, it would reduce racism, it would reduce hatred. Not only that it would increase the love in all mankind.

Now I know that some people are thinking that this sounds a bit much, but that’s who I am, I dream big. I want whats good for everyone on the planet. And the only way we can prosper in the future is to have love in our hearts for one another. I could possibly prevent wars from happening. But we can’t control how everyone thinks, there are those who are selfish and do things for their own personal reasons.

How would I carry out this plan you ask? Well to start I would ensure that every child that born have family around them showering them with love and showing them how to care and treat others with a kind heart.  For those kids that doesn’t have a mother and a father raising them, I would appoint someone to play the missing role, so it would be a balanced house hold. I would  put up messages on the internet stressing the importance of this cause. I would encourage people to step up and open their hearts to something that’s greater than themselves.

We all need to raise the awareness of love, love in our hearts, love in our minds, and love in our souls. It’s the only way mankind will survive for the next thousand years to come. Won’t you all join in and start showing love to our kids, they are our next generation. Lets give them hope.


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