3rd Day of P-90x

I’m on day 3 of my P-90x workout routine and everything is going good so far. I’m still motivated and I hope to stay motivated all the way to the last day. My body is in a little pain but nothing too serious that will slow me down, it’s normal at this stage to feel some pain. But I make sure that I stretch before my work-out, after my work-out, and before bed. It helps to prevent my muscle from feeling tense in the morning when I get out of bed. 

Today I will be focusing on SHOULDERS, ARMS, ABS. Please make sure that you stretch first, very important. Without further a due it’s time to get rocking!




Resting Heart Rate:

53 beats per minute.


For my warm up exercises today I followed PopSugar Fitness:

  1. Two Dog Push-Up – 15

  2. Double Uppercut – 10 each side

  3. Side Oblique Crunch – 12 each side

(if you want to challenge yourself try holding a long as you can in the crunch position)

  1. Around The World – 20

  2. Balance Push-Up – 10

(These take practice to get it right, so just use the modification if you’re new at it)

  1. Rope Jack Run – 1 min

(You will be doing all three exercises for this one)

  1. Down Dog Crunch – 1 min

  2. Rolling Crescent Lounge – 30 sec each leg

  3. Walking The Plan – 1 min

  4. Knee Kick Sprawl – 1 min

(Go at your own pace)


Be sure to take a break and hydrate before starting your workout routing.

Work Out:

For todays workout I followed this youtube channel;

  1. Alternate Shoulder Press – 35 lbs, 8 reps each

  2. In & Out Bicep Curls – 25 lbs, 16 reps

  3. Two Arm Tricept Kickbacks – 25 lbs, 15 reps

  4. Deep Swimmers Press  – 30 lbs, 8 reps

  5. Full Curls – 30 lbs, 7 reps each

  6. Chair Dips – 25 reps each leg

  7. Upright Rows –  30 lbs, 15 reps

  8. Static Arm Curls – 25 lbs, 8 reps each

  9. Two Angle Shoulder Flys – 10 lbs, 16 reps

(I was burnt out at this point, go with whatever weight your comfortable with)

  1. Crouchen Curls – 20 lbs, 8 reps

  2. Laying Down Tricept Extensions – 20 lbs, 12 reps

  3. In & Out Shoulder Flys – 20 lbs, 6 reps

  4. Congdon Curls, 20 lbs, 7 reps14. Side Tri-Rises – 15 reps each side

  5. Bicycle Crunch – 30 sec (as many as you can do)

  6. Do your own ab workout for the last exercise



Push yourself as hard as you can, but make sure you know when to stop so you don’t injure yourself. Finish off your workout by stretching and breathing. Day 3 completed, see you tomorrow!


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