I’ve been given the amazing ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly transport me to anywhere on earth to my home. What location will I choose, what will be my connection to that place? For today’s theme Tunnel Vision, that’s exactly what I have to answer.

If I could only pick one location it would definitely teleport to Garson Street in Berbice, Corriverton located in northern Guyana. That is where I grew up, and that is where my family is from. I got a visa to travel to America when I was 10 years old.  I had a fun childhood there because I was around all of my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. I was a little wild but not bad, I guess you can say that I was adventurous. I went back to Guyana in 2000 when I was 17 for my little cousin’s first birthday. I traveled with him and his mom from NYC. For some odd reason I don’t remember much about that trip, all I really remember was my little cousin getting really sick and was hospitalized.

I haven’t been back to Guyana since then. I really miss it, I miss the culture there and the people. They treat each other different, they are more friendly to one another, and our neighbors are like family. I really miss it out there, I miss everyone and everything, and I’m starting to forget what it looks like.

Now if I had a secret tunnel that would automatically transport me there? I could go home to Garson Street anytime I’m in the mood. I can be with my family and friends in a flash. How cool would that be? I would be able to show up for everyone’s birthday, plus all the special holidays that we celebrate back in Guyana. When it gets cold I could transport there in a flash for some warmth, or if I’m in the mood for a tropical beach I could be on the beach front in no time with my bathing suit.

Other locations I would consider would be Jamaica, Madagascar, Egypt, Paris, Dubai, The safari in Kenya, Tokyo, London, Rio De Janeiro, Colombia, Puerto Rico, just to name the main locations. Now, where would you choose?


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