What would it mean to have 10,000 spoons and no knife, especially when you need it the most. To understand that concept you have to know what it’s talking about, and in this case the subject is irony. When you hear someone say “Isn’t that ironic?”, what do they mean. Irony is when something is incognito, it’s when you have a situation where the expectation is one thing but the outcome is not what it should be. 

it’s like someone telling you “smoking is bad for you, you shouldn’t be smoking”; all awhile they have a lit cigarette in their hands while telling you. In the song “Irony” by Alanis Morissette, she sings about winning the lottery and dying the very next day. Imaging that, you try your whole life getting rich and when you finally get the money you’re not able to use it. I just goes to someone else! I am positive I won’t let that happen to me, I will get rich and will be the one spending my money. I will do good with it of course.

I’m trying to think of any ironic situations in my life and I cannot come up with any at the moment. Though, life can be very ironic and teach us lessons everyday without announcing itself. Life had a way of making things happen in your favor like it say’s in the song “Irony”. Irony can also be a bitch, and make things not go in your favor. That’s when you want to do way with irony. Nobody like to be thought a tough lesson, although it often helps us grow as a person; if we learn to accept it. I always believed that life is one big lesson and the older we get the more in-dept that lesson becomes.


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