Another Week Gone

Here we are, it’s Sunday night and another week just went by. I woke up one morning, look at my iPhone to check the time. It’s Monday at 10:35 and my alarm is going off again. I first set it to 9:00 AM, and after hitting snooze quite a few times, I finally had the strength to move.

I took a few seconds to collect myself before accepting the fact the I am awake. I love the mornings just can’t seem to wake up as early as I would like. Maybe I should try going to bed before at least 1 AM every night but I just can’t seem to be able to do that. No matter how early I lay down for be I still end up going to sleep after 2 AM, sometimes after 3 or 4 AM. I don’t know what it is but I am trying to get back in the groove of early mornings. My wife says it’s my seizure pills I’m taking that’s causing me to be so tired in the mornings and waking up late.

But I have a plan to breaking that cycle! I will set my alarm for 7 AM, then when it goes off, I’m getting up. The I will pee and then brush my teeth. Since doing both those things seems to wake me up. Then I will start my day at an appropriate time, getting me back into a desirable day pattern. Sleep in and you will notice how quickly you days go by. Monday will turn to Tuesday night, to TGIF, back to Sunday night in a flash. And before you know it your weeks will be rolling by just as quickly.

Now I do plan on working out first thing in the morning. I will be doing the P-90x workout program, so I have to be on point! Then I finish and make breakfast for my beautiful wife, and myself of course. Possibly having to make breakfast for little William if he’s up at that time.

No more letting my days go by unproductively, I have a family to take care of now. I want to give Kaylah and out baby Royal all they need in life. There’s money to be made, serious cash.


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