This Week Writing Challenge: Manifesto

I remember…

I remember being a child and being picky with what I ate,

I remember my family cooking with so much pepper that it forced me to eat rice with fried eggs and dahl (An Indian dish),

I remember getting a lot of bruises as a child because I was so adventurous and wild,

I remember being very close to my brother because it was just me and him.

I remember my family telling me that my father died when I was one year old,

I remember missing my mother because she was in America and I was in Guyana,

I remember not seeing my mother until I was 10 years old,

I remember being so excited to come to America that I drank a Coke for the first time and threw up on the plane,

I remember being so excited to see my mom that I gave her the biggest hug,

I remember experiencing my first winter in D.C. which turned our to be the blizzard of ’96,

I remember not getting along with my step-father because he was so strict,

I remember being extremely shy at school and not specking because I had a foreign accent,

I remember how hard it was adjusting to my new life style in America.

I have some good memories growing up and some bad memories as a child, but throughout it all it made me who I am today and I love the person that I’ve become.


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