All This Baby Talk

I’m sure you all know by now but my wife is pregnant and we are expecting a baby girl. We have had a crazy pregnancy and I have tried my best to be there every step of the way. It hasn’t all been easy, there are days that we both wanted to give up. But pregnancy is not something that you can ignore or simply make go away. We both have to be strong from one another, I am her shoulder and her support person.

We had her name picked out from the time we found out her sex. It wasn’t easy to pick a name and after turning down quite a few we decided on a name that we thought was special. I will do another blog on her name and the whole story behind it. No one can be more excited to be new parents than Kaylah and I. Even though Kaylah becoming pregnant caught us completely off guard, I can say that it couldn’t have come at a better time. At the time we were going through a lot, I had about six seizures in a few short months, not to mention that I was working long hours at my job at Nordstrom. Kaylah was also working long hours and changing jobs, and we weren’t exactly on the best of terms. We just had a lot of stress on our plate.

All that was a sign showing us that we need to slow down and think about family and tighten our bond with each other. We were in a bit of a tight position, I was no working as many hours due to my seizures and Kay couldn’t work as much because she was having morning sickness. It felt like things were not going our way, and we needed to think ahead for the next few months about our living situation. The lease for our apartment were a month away from expiring and we needed to think fast. So we sat down and weighed out our options and decided that we would be in a better position being in Canada for our child’s birth. Our number one concern was having a good health care for Kay and our baby to be, and since we had no insurance in the U.S. but Kay was a Canadian citizen it only made sense.

It wasn’t an easy journey but not that time is getting closer to our daughter’s birthday we are becoming more and more excited. We have to pack our bag for the hospital and grab a few minor things but for the most part we are ready. We are ready to be parents, I know we will be the best parents ever because we each have our own quality to add to raising our daughter. She will definitely be showered with love and we will give her all the tools she needs to be very successful in this life. We’re ready for her but I’m not sure she’s ready for us. But who knows we might be surprised. Stay tuned…


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