Cold Drink, Is it worth it?


For a while now Kay has been craving an ice slushy almost everyday, especially on hot days. I mean come on who can resist an ice-cold slushy when it’s hot outside. Every time we buy we always go to the same Petro-Canada gas station on Queen Street. I know the price including taxes down to the penny, it’s always the same $1.77 on the dot. But for some reason the last couple of time I’ve gone they’ve tried to charge me more that what I always pay.

So yesterday I pulled in to the gas station, not for gas but you know for what… an ice slushy. I filled up my up with the blueberry and the raspberry mixed together afterwards I grabbed a straw and a some napkins before heading to the cashier. The guy behind the counter asked me “That’s it, no gas?”, and I replied “No gas, this is it.” He punched some stuff on the register and said “$2.56”, I immediately informed him “That’s not the price, it’s $1.77” He looked at me and aggressively replied “How do you know that? Which I swiftly replied “Because I buy it her for the same price all the time, that’s how I know.” He must have felt embarrassed, especially since there were other customers behind me. I know that he saw I was upset but he really didn’t apologize for trying to rob me. I felt outraged, especially knowing that this is not the first time that they tried to over-charge me.

I want to take action but I’m not sure what I can do. I guess I can start by boycotting them and not buy any more from them. But I would run into one problem, they’re the only ones that we know of that sell the slushy the way Kay likes it. And she must have that slushy and exactly that kind of slushy. I can’t lie the slushy that we buy there is made the best way a slushy should be. The ice is chunky and it stays cold until the last sip. They could use some more flavors though.

We ended up going there again today, and guess what happened… you guessed it they tried to over charge me again, so I asked the cashier again “Why do I always get charged a different price every time I buy that slushy there?” He replied to me saying that he will give me a free one the next time I go there and I see him. I just said ok and nodded my head. I hope he know’s that I will hold him to that promise. He must have been the manager because i don’t think that any of the regular employees will be able to give away free products like that. Never the less, Kay drank the slushy and couldn’t get enough of it. I think she’s addicted, and she will drink it everyday until she become tired of it and don’t ever want to see it again. I will do another update on what happened next time.


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