Mother’s Day Celebration

Happy Mother's Day


Today is Mother’s Day all over the world (I hope), and it’s a day of honoring our mothers and motherhood, plus their influence in our lives. Today we celebrate what our mothers mean to us, we celebrate what they do for us, and what they continue to do for us. No matter what a mother will always be there for her kids, no matter how bad they messed up, or what kind of trouble they have caused, a mother well always be there.

She will always forgive her kids, in her eyes they can do no wrong. Now that is what I call unconditional love, and only a loving mother is capable of such forgiveness (other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). Today we dedicate every ounce of our attention to our mother’s, we make them feel loved, we make them feel special, we honor them, and we make this day all about them. We as children should all do something special for this special day, don’t do something ordinary, don’t just give them a card, or a bouquet of flowers and expect that to be sufficient. We need to tell them we love them, we need them to know how much we appreciate them in our lives. They have given us the gift of life, the have spawn us into this world and shelter us throughout the years. Now it’s our time to repay the dept.

I personally want to let my mother know that I appreciate her, I appreciate her kindness, I appreciate her love, I appreciate her patience, I appreciate her wisdom, I appreciate her advice, and that I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Mom you mean the world to me and I will always try my best to make you proud. Happy Mother’s Day, 2014!


“M” is for the many things she does,

“O” is for he occupation of being a mother,

“T” is for her tenderness towards her kids,

“H” is for honoring her on this special day,

“E” is for everything she means to us,

“R” is for always being right.



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