May Day

To day is May 4th 2014, the time is 12:50 P.M. and the sun is finally shining. It’s been raining the entire week up until today, it feels nice to see the rain go away and to see the sun come out. The warm sun on the skin make you feel alive again. I’ve always heard the saying “April showers brings May flowers.” Well it sure has been raining all April long. The ground is muddy and soft, the trees all around are just starting to blossom, but the air is still cool. Apparently there’s a change in the atmosphere and there’s a cold air vortex coming down from the North Pole. It’s the cause of such a long extensive, cold, icy, damaging winter. Everyone as in shock of the extensive damage and asking questions of when will it be over. Well the question everyone should be asking is how will that effect things moving forward?… I sit alone and wonder these things.

We need the sun to be vibrant and to shine all day long. We need to feel the sun’s heat. But unfortunately I currently reside in Brampton, Ontario and the sun will only be out for one day. The cold weather lingers a bit longer up here. not what I’m used to down in Georgia. But one thing is for sure I will be waiting anxiously for the flowers to come, to bring back some life to everything.


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