What’s Your Name Son!

I’m on the subject of “What’s In A Name?”, and when we hear that it makes us think of our own name. My mother and father named me Michael Adam Clayton Greene, which is a name that I love. It took getting used to having such a long name, especially in school. Most of the time I just wrote my first and last name. I remember being in Middle School and being new to the school, my friends would asked me about my full name and what the A.C. in the middle stood for.I was hesitant because I had an unusual name (well to me at least) and didn’t want the other kids to make fun of me. In our class room one morning, one of my friends asked me again. I was stuck because I didn’t know how to tell him, and at that very moment I looked up and there were a poster on the wall. On it were portraits of several U.S. congressman, and to my surprise one of them had my exact name spelled out Michael Adam Clayton Greene. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I found someone else who had the same exact name as me. I pointed to it and said to my friend “‘That’s my name there!” Naturally he laughed at my and said yeah right. But whether I wanted to believe it or he wanted to believe it, the fact was that I wasn’t alone with this weird name.

When I’m at home, around my family, everyone calls me Adam, that’s all they go by. And they also call my older brother my his middle name, don’t really know why it’s like that, but I haven’t really asked either. So whenever my friends ask for Mike when they are asking one of my family members they usually pause before realizing that my friends are asking for me. Now they are getting used to calling me Mike, after 30 years of calling me Adam.

Currently my wife and I are expecting a beautiful baby girl, and coming up with a good name has been a lot of work. I didn’t know that it would be so hard choosing a great name for your child. It will be our first-born, and a good name is holding all the weight right now. I’m sure we will choose a great one, we have a few unique one written down. The last thing we want to do is give our daughter a crazy name, because we want her to love her name when she gets older.


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