St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and though I’m not Irish I still enjoy the holiday. It’s a chance to eat lots of good food and drink lots of fine wine, Beringer is my favorite brand. I like the fact the you have to wear green, which I can relate to in several ways; first off, one of my favorite color is green and my last name is also Greene. In a way I celebrate it everyday, huh! I wear my Greene proud.

It’s a little different here in Canada, especially here in Brampton, where there’s little Irish influence here. Unlike the U.S., where they have the St. Patrick’s Day parade. It’s fun dressing up and seeing all the different costumes, not to mention all the little Leprechauns running around. It’s so grand in NYC, you know they go very hard in the city. I got a pot of gold and won’t let it out of my sight. I hope it brings me some good luck!

It’s a holiday that celebrates Christianity  and I could remember back in Guyana, as a little boy, going to Anglican School. I don’t remember if we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Guyana. My grandmother, who took care of my brother and I until we were 10 and 11, were very religious and insisted on taking us to church every Sunday.  It kept us out of trouble though, for a little while at least.

I haven’t done any wine drinking so far though, too early in the day. I love celebrating life, the past, and what it teaches us today. But very few take it in.


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