I am Agapesy a magical being, I have been around for thousands of years. I only appear when I feel that man is in crisis and need some assistance, and that time has come. I am here to restore love into the hearts of all living creature on this earth. I don’t need to be summoned, I know when I am needed. It’s the year 2014, I am here and I will show myself, but you will not recognize me because I have transformed myself into an ordinary human.

You will not be able to tell but I can fly, it’s so fast it looks like I am transporting. And as I travel throughout the world I will be in contact with many different people from many different culture. I have a special sense that tells me the nature of every single person when I come in contact with them. It tells me what they are thinking, it lets me know what they are feeling, it also informs me on how much love any one person needs in their heart. My mission is to make the entire world getalong and feel nothing but love, and it will only take me on day to make this happen. That means once in contact with me every one will automatically become a good neighbor, a good friend, a loving partner, care for their family members, and every man will wake up everyday with nothing but love and joy in their hearts. I carry a bag with me and every time I come in contact with a person with love in their heart a special gold nugget form specially for that person and appear in my bag. I say “Spread the love” to that person, reach into my bag and give them the gold nugget. Once the receive the gold nugget their heart will only love until they die. When I come in contact with a person with hatred in their heart, I put my hand on their head and they instantly fall asleep for a few seconds. When they are awoken the will not remember ever hating another person. A golden nugget is also formed for that person but it have a special glow to it which only I can see. Once I have touched  the hearts of every person on the planet I will take on the mission of removing all the drugs and deadly weapons, this will propel mankind into a long and bright future.



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